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Josh Ostroff for Board of Selectman

Achievements: a record of service to Natick

Board of Selectmen Achievements  |  Community Achievements

I believe that achievements on the Board of Selectmen are more about what the Board and Town government accomplish for the community, and less about the accomplishments of an individual.  It is important to work well as a group, and ensure that all members contribute with their particular strengths to the deliberations and actions of the Board.  As I ask for your support and vote for another term, the issues on which I have played a significant role in the past few years include:

Financial Stability and Economic Development

  • Supported new Financial Management policies to help ensure stability and services
  • Drafted and testified for legislation to attract new restaurants and businesses to Natick Center
  • Worked on legislation to reform municipal health insurance laws to preserve services and protect taxpayers
  • Supported efforts to collect over $600,000 of back taxes owed to Natick
  • Led effort for local option meals and hotel taxes to provide almost $1 million annually for capital projects, reserve accounts and tax relief


  • Advocated for replacement of Route 9/Oak Street bottleneck and Marion Street Bridge
  • Leading role to create parking solutions in Natick Center
  • Leading the effort for a new Natick Center rail station and the Cochituate Rail Trail
  • Advocate for improved pedestrian conditions throughout Natick
  • Worked with state and local officials to gain access to new open space for walking trails


  • Worked to improve Town web site and social media
  • Testified at State House to ensure continued local control of Cable TV licensing
  • Led effort to make FiOS service available to customers with underground utility wires

Veterans and Human Services

  • Organize Veterans Appreciation Events
  • Supported Vietnam Moving Wall visit
  • Created materials to ensure eligible residents are informed of and receive benefits


  • Helped hire Town Administrator, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Comptroller and Veterans Officer
  • Created review process to evaluate Legal Counsel
  • Lead Town Administrator review process
  • Lead annual goal-setting for Board and Town Administrator

Openness and Citizen Participation

  • Created committee application form to streamline hundreds of Board appointments
  • Encouraged countless new volunteers in local government
  • Organized seminar to promote open meeting and public records laws


  • Drafted annual Goals and Objectives for Town Administrator and led review process
  • Drafted Board action items for Natick 360 strategic plan; serve on Strategic Planning Review Committee
  • Chaired re-precincting committee to rebalance Natick's voting precincts
  • Testified at state legislative hearings for Natick and other legislation to benefit cities and towns

Town Meeting accomplishments

The legislative process requires patience, persuasion and attention to detail. Since 2003 I have sponsored and/or drafted many warrant articles that have passed Town Meeting, from improving our governance to encouraging economic development, promoting parking solutions and laying the groundwork for a rail trail; ensuring custody of the Town Forest and attracting more restaurants; and adopting local option meals and hotel taxes that are funding capital improvements and our reserve accounts.  

Community Achievements

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Massachusetts Selectmen's Association
The MSA is a statewide organization that provides professional support and encourages best practices by the Selectmen of the hundreds of Towns in the Commonwealth.  As First Vice President on the MSA Board, I help create programming and materials to improve the quality of service by elected officials, while learning how to be more effective on behalf of Natick and other towns by advocating for local interests at the State level.

Massachusetts Municipal Association 
I serve on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, a nonprofit, nonpartisan association that provides advocacy, training, publications, research and other services to Massachusetts cities and towns.  The MMA advocates on behalf of Natick and all 351 cities and towns in the state on matters relating to local funding, legislation and regulations, local services and many other issues that affect our quality of life and our finances.

Local Government Advisory Commission
The LGAC meets monthly with the Governor and Lt. Governor to discuss issues of importance to cities and Towns.  The MMA Board of Directors comprises the majority of the LGAC.  Among the issues that I have discussed with the Administration through the LGAC are municipal health insurance reform, sustainable local aid, transportation funding, pension reform and other subjects that bear directly on Natick.

Natick Education Foundation
I served as Co-President and President of the Natick Education Foundation from 1999 to 2002. The NEF is an independent non-profit, started by Natick citizens in 1990, whose mission is to promote excellence and innovation in the Natick Public Schools by raising funds and awarding grants to educators and parents for programs that are worthy and sustainable. During my term as President, we awarded scores of grants to every public school (thanks to the generosity of the Natick community), and expanded the NEF s mission to engage the public on important issues of public education, including an October 1998 forum on middle school facilities titled Middle Ground.

Town Meeting Member
I have been a Town Meeting member from 1998 until 2006, and since 2010 to serve our community as best I can.  As an early example of providing leadership, at Fall 2003 Town Meeting, I led an effort to amend the Natick bylaws to require Town Meeting to address the entire warrant before dissolving. Prior to this action, it was possible for Town Meeting to end without voting on, or even debating one or more articles placed near the end of the warrant - even citizen's petitions that were brought before Town Meeting. A majority of Town Meeting agreed that we were elected to do all the business before us, and the article passed.

I believe that of Natick's many blessings, the power of ideas and the energy of our people shine the brightest, and I encourage my fellow citizens to invest their time in our community.

If you want to know more about these achievements, the issues where I have made a difference, or other Natick subjects, please send your questions and comments at or 508 654-3330.


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